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FBW Machine CR80, containerized

The CR80 welding system is designed for flash-butt welding of rails by continuous flashing process.

Simple and compact design makes CR80 system a versatile machine, the welding of Grooved rails is a standard feature.

This configuration offers the possibility to transport the welding plant on a truck equipped with high rail system, on a flat wagon or any self-propelled platform. It is also used often as semi-stationary near the job site for preparation of long welded rails.

Welding in tunnel becomes easily with CR80, without interfering with installed 3rd rail (power rail) and it is fully complying with most of tunnel gauges.

The containerized configuration consists of:

  • Welding Head, type CR80
  • Control and Power Cabinet
  • Welding Process Control system (WPC)
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Cooling Unit
  • Crane for positioning the welding head
  • Diesel generating set
  • All the equipment is housed in one weatherproof container (7m long)

CR80 welding system is fully compliant with EN 14587-2.